Summer Safety: How to Avoid the Hospital


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Summertime means more people out and about, leading to more visits to the emergency room for different reasons.

The emergency room at Meritus Medical Center has seen a lot of heat-related cases this year, ranging from heat exhaustion to a heat stroke, many of which can be easily prevented.

"Hot cars are dangerous," said Dr. Neil Roy, Meritus Medical Center's Emergency Room vice chairman.

A car can heat up well over 100 degrees in under 20 minutes.

"We've seen a good number of ATV accidents, as well as stings leading to anaphylaxis, which is an allergic reaction, as well as a good number of heat-related illnesses of people who have been left in cars," said Dr. Roy. 

Beautiful weather is always the perfect excuse to enjoy the sun but sometimes there are things to look out for and one of them is Lyme Disease.

In fact, Dr. Roy said it is a leading endemic in the area.

"So make sure that if you see a tick, take it off right away and call your family doctor, and get it checked right away as well because you can take antibiotics to prevent Lyme Disease if you address the tick bite soon enough," explained Dr. Roy. 

Many people can get caught up in outdoor activities, forgetting to stay hydrated.

"Things like Gatorade is okay, it's not ideal. Soda is bad, alcohol is bad, coffee is bad regarding heat-related illnesses," Dr. Roy said. 

These are all preventable situations from being sent to the hospital.

Dr. Roy suggested to have moderation in everything such as alcohol, sun exposure and any outdoor activities.

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