Suspects Unknown in Shooting of a 16-year-old


HEDGESVILLE, W.Va. - As you drive down Paxton Cut Drive, the first thing you notice is the no trespassing signs. However, around 6 p.m. Saturday afternoon, two white males in their early twenties drove down the private road and pulled into house number 517, where 16-year-old Joshua Greenfield was the only person there. The victim says the men came to meet him after finding out some personal information.

"Apparently I cheated with his girlfriend or something," Greenfield said. "They told me they were coming with a gun, but I didn't think much of it."

Greenfield waited for the men in his truck. Once they arrived, he got out and that's when he says one of the men pulled out the gun and shot him on his left side.

Greenfield said that once the two men pulled into the driveway, they came and parked behind his truck and that they didnt even get out of their car. He also said the man that pulled the trigger appeared nervous.

"When I jumped out, I seen the gun come out the window and they were only about fifteen feet from me," Greenfield said. "Soon as I seen the gun, the dude was shaking real bad ,so I turned around and went for my gun. They shot, caught me in the side. By the time I got my gun out they were already backing out of the driveway."

Greenfield said he went into his house and put a rag over the wound and called his friend to take him to the hospital. His injury was not severe and he was able to leave within two hours. He said one man had blonde hair and the other had brown hair, but he couldn't make out any more features other than the car they were in. He identified it as a blue Ford Explorer.

"The only thing I really recognized on it was it had a 'bite me' license plate on the front, and that's about it," Greenfield said. "I didn't take time to look at their face."

Greenfield says he has no idea who the men were, how they got his number or how they knew his address. He also said they called him on a private number. He also mentioned he doesn't believe the girl has any affiliation.

"I don't even really remember her," he said. "It was over a year ago."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Deputy H.C. Lu of the Berkeley County Sheriff's Department. Their number is (304) 267-7000.

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