Talk of Sportsplex in Hagerstown Continues at State of the City

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- "I think that was one of the hot topics that everybody had in mind," said Don Munson of the Hagerstown City Council.

Last week the Washington County Economic Development Commission brought the subject up and once again the topic came up in the State of the City meeting at Hager Hall.

"For me a sportsplex from the outset has been you know sort of in that rear view mirror for me saying this is an issue or an idea that could certainly generate interest there," said Kristin Aleshire of the Hagerstown City Council.

An idea Aleshire says he has been exploring for some time.

"The sportsplex is certainly one of the things that's under consideration at the moment and will probably be the possibility of building a sportsplex," said Munson.

But the whole idea of a sportsplex has brought up many questions, including where it would be built and how much it would cost.

"People need to realize it's going to be incredibly expensive to build a sportsplex. And we're going to need another parking garage if we build a sportsplex," said Munson.

Aleshire said there is opportunity to plant a sportplex on city owned property such as the municipal stadium rather than buying property elsewhere.

"We look at the stadium and a team that's leaving because, frankly speaking there isn't the level of support their. And statistics show that. It begins with the demolition of melp. With the reuse of the stadium property largely these are properties we already own or already have a vested interest in. So it provides that greater opportunity," Aleshire explained.

"But it's worth considering it will bring a lot of people to downtown. It will fill the restaurants up and help fill the theater up from time to time. It's a project we'll have to give serious consideration to," said Munson.

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