Teen Recovers From Horrific Crash

SMITHSBURG, MD - It's been a long road to recovery for one local teen who was trapped in her car for 12 hours after a crash in Clear Spring.

She believes an angel was with her that night and that it was all for a reason.

Malory Weller is 18-years-old, a typical high school student. She's always been a tomboy with long blond hair who loves sports.

But last August she was fighting for her life. While driving home from a friend's house on a Saturday night, she crashed into a tree stump off Catholic Church Road in Clear Spring. It sent her car rolling over. She remained trapped overnight.

"For her to make it through the night, 10 to 12 hours in the woods with no medical treatment, I means that shows you how strong she is," says her mom Tressa Weller.

She can't remember it, but police think she swerved to avoid a deer."I don't remember anything from the night of my accident til September the 2nd," Malory says.

A passing driver found the car in the morning.

They cut the roof off to get her out and she was airlifted to Shock Trauma.

"I was a very bad patient," Malory says. "Because I wasn't very nice to the people and they found my whole face was fractured and my right eye was broken in two spots, my sinuses are fractured and the back of my skulls fractured."

After emergency surgery, she went to rehab for several weeks to help with short term memory loss and balance issues, so she could re-learn how to walk. "I always thought I could redo that night," Malory says. "I wish I could redo it over again but everything happens for a reason."

The accident and all those who helped her have changed the course of her life.

"I don't have anything to give to all the people. All I can do is thank them. But being an EMT and paramedic, I can help other people and help save their lives," she says.

"She is definitely my miracle. She is my miracle child," says her mom.

Malory has been able to meet with the doctors and emergency responders who saved her life.

She hopes to work alongside them in Clear Spring one day.

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