The Gold Medal Goes To…


WINCHESTER, Va. -  In light of the Winter Olympics a local elementary school in Winchester is encouraging some friendly competition.

Apple Pie Ridge wants students to read more, and over the next two weeks while athletes compete in Sochi students will record the amount of minutes they read each day.

"I thought that it would be fun for the two weeks that they Olympics are taking place, for them to read. And so we decided to set up some prizes, to get some local businesses involved, and have these kids reading for two weeks," said Second Grade Teacher, Kristi Diminuco.

When asked what inspired her to create the event, Diminuco says, “It would have to be the Olympics. I just love the Olympics, and who doesn't love the Olympics? So I thought that would be kind of cool for it to get tied in."

At the end of the two weeks, students who have read 200 minutes get a bronze medal, 250 minutes earn a silver medal, and a whooping 300 minutes will get them the prized gold medal.

"Teachers always set expectations. In my classroom, i want my kids to read 15 minutes each school day. This is setting the bar a little higher. In order to get the bronze medal, they have to read 20 minutes each school day," Diminuco said.

Students have until February 24, 2014 to fill out their reading logs, have them signed by a parent or teacher, and turn them into their homeroom class.

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