Third Parking Deck Coming to Hagerstown?


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - With hopes to grow the downtown area with additional businesses and restaurants, more space for folks to park could quickly become an issue. 

In an effort to plan ahead, Hagerstown city officials are talking about a possible third parking deck.

"We're going to figure out how and when to start building a new parking deck down on Antietam Street," said Don Munson with the Hagerstown City Council.

Mayor David Gysberts said the lot would be needed if buildings in the area were fully populated.

City officials said the new parking deck would serve in an effort to revitalize downtown Hagerstown, and local residents say they like the idea.

Obviously there are many details to work through in order to make the project happen such as funding and the total cost.

“It will help the downtown Hagerstown, Maryland in a new parking lot in an area that’s very crowded it that area, when I got to park,” said anonymous resident.

"Probably, it's going to cost about $10 million, yes. Depending on the size, but minimally $8 million, and if we build one we probably ought to build it big enough to handle the future," said Munson.

City officials tell WHAG the possible future parking deck would be essential in order to expand business in the community. 

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