Town Of Thurmont Reacts To President Obama's Camp David Visit

- THURMONT, Md. - It was another beautiful Saturday in the small town of Thurmont with people enjoying the downtown area and the warm weather, but some were hoping to meet a special visitor.

"Its really cool that the President is here so if you're walking around town and you see him, you could see him in person and not on the tv," said Addi Eyler, a Thurmont resident.

President Obama left the White House for Camp David on Friday for his first trip to the location in almost a year. Mayor of Thurmont, John Kinnaird, says before Obama, he has experienced about six U.S. presidents visit or pass through the town. Kinnaird says the fact that the town does not make a big deal out of it is an added bonus for the Commander-in-Chief.

"Its a very quiet affair, and I'm sure the President appreciates the fact that we don't make a big deal out of it," said Kinnaird.

The town may not do anything out of the ordinary during the President's visit, but there are certain hot spots, such as Rocky's Pizza, that get some extra foot traffic.

"Its a beautiful weekend and there's a lot of people in town. Business is good and I think it's a good thing for the town, and it brings up a lot of people," said Tony Testa, owner of Rocky's Pizza.

In the last two days, Testa says he has already served several members of the SWAT team and the Secret Service.

"We do feed a lot of SWAT team and the Secret Service guys [when] they come up here, and the majority of them go for sandwiches," said Testa.

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