Town Votes to Ban Spice, Search Businesses

THURMONT, MDTown leaders in Thurmont have voted unanimously to ban synthetic marijuana.

The new ordinance takes effect October 30th.

"They can receive a $250 fine for possession, manufacturing, or selling, and if they do not comply, it's $250 per day, per offense, per package," Police Chief Greg Eyler said.

Chief Eyler says they started to see people using it last year.  Then, two young people had heart attacks.

Commissioners also approved an ordinance that allows police to get an administrative warrant to look inside private property. Eyler says police would focus on businesses they suspect sell synthetic marijuana.

"We know a business here in town is selling the synthetic drugs," Eyler said. "We'd go in, talk to them, say here's the ordinance, and if they refuse to look behind the counter or wherever for that drug, we'll apply for an administrative warrant through our town attorney. It's a $1,000 fine if they refuse to let us in through the administrative warrant."

Thurmont resident Joan Freeze has collected almost 300 signatures to ban spice.

"It's not marijuana," Freeze said. "It's a terrible, terrible drug that has terrible, terrible effects. It does kill people, and I just don't want it in my town."

"The victims are the ones who take the drugs, and it affects the whole community," Eyler said.

Thurmont's not the only Frederick County community considering a ban. Frederick City officials are expected to vote on their own ban in November. Frederick County Commissioners have added a spice ban to their legislative wish list and are expected to vote on it this Thursday.

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