Trolley Rail Ties Buried in Cement Cause Sinking Street

MYERSVILLE, Md. - It's a trolley that used to be a major part of transportation on Main Street in Myersville.

But when the trolley was taken out of service in 1955, the rail ties were buried under cement.

"Yes, they forgot to take the ties out of the trolley lane when they paved the street in the 1950's," said Brandon Boldyga, Planning and Zoning in Myersville.

"You got these ties about three or four feet below grade," said Kristin Aleshire, Town Manager of Myersville.

Aleshire said the ties are now causing the street to sink, creating problems with waterlines, storm drains, not to mention the rough driving through the quaint neighborhood.

"We don't know what we're gonna find under Main Street. It's been a century so who knows what we'll find there," said Boldyga.

"So what happens is you get this waffling effect driving over main street for the last decade or so," said Aleshire.

The trolley is now owned by Don Easterday, who has the old classic vehicle protected under a giant tarp outside his residence. 

Boldyga said they may just find some relics from the town's past while they have the street dug up. 

Construction is expected to be wrapped up in six to nine months.

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