Two Indicted in Armed Robbery at Frederick Jewelry Store

- FREDERICK, Md. -  Two Baltimore men charged in the Frederick armed robbery at Wholesale Diamond Consultants were indicted Friday, according to the State's Attorney for Frederick County.

Charles Anthony Boatwright, 44, and Anthony Tyrone Thornton, 46, were indicted Friday on charges for armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, first and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and theft $10,000- to under $100,000.

On March 12, 2014, Boatwright and Thornton walked into Wholesale Diamond Consultants while an employee was helping two customers. Police say they walked right to the employee-only area, where Boatwright tookout a handgun and demanded diamonds. 

An employee gave the men diamonds from a safe and $250 in the case. The diamonds were worth more than $100,000. According to officials, Boatwright and Thornton took cell phones and cut the business phone before leaving the store. The two customers inside the store remained calm during the robbery, and left in the same direction as Boatwright and Thornton. They are believed to be part of the scheme. 

Boatwright was detained at the Westview Promenade shopping center, while Thornton was apprehended at a nearby gas station. The handgun, diamonds and cash were recovered. 

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