Two Pit Bull Dogs Freeze to Death in Frederick County


FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. - "I just hope everybody takes their pets inside, and takes care of them. That's what they are, part of your family," said George Sempeles, a resident and property owner off Woodbine Road in Clear Brooke.

Neighbors are concerned after Mandy Breeden was arrested by Frederick County Sheriff's Office and charged with animal abuse.

"It’s quite a shock,” Sempeles said. “Personally, I think just think it's absolutely a sin to leave their pets out like that to suffer and die."

According to the criminal complaint, a deputy found two pit bulls frozen to death in her back yard.

And Winchester Police are also dealing with their own pit bull case.

Kiesha Bennerman of Winchester, was charged with animal abuse after police opened the case last September.

"On September 16 of last year, we were called to they 500 block of Gray Avenue, for an animal call,” said Lauren Cummings, Public Information Officer for the Winchester Police Department

It was at Bennerman’s apartment where police discovered two pit bulls who had been left allegedly for a week without any food or water.

"The officer could hear a puppy yelping, and found the dogs chained to the back deck,” Cummings said. “Somehow the chain had gotten wrapped around the puppy's neck, and whenever the older dog would move, it would basically strangle the younger puppy."

Court documents suggest that Bennerman was not able to care for her dogs because she was incarcerated in a jail in West Virginia due to a robbery charge.

"Fortunately we don't see a lot of animal cruelty cases. We do have cases of animal cruelty, but one is too many,” Cummings said.

Both women are not being held in custody. Breeden was released on a $4,000 secured bond. Bennerman was released after her warrant was served at the Winchester Police Department.

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