Undercover Investigation Leads to the Arrest of Six in Operating a Poaching Ring


HEDGESVILLE, W.Va.Six West Virginia residents have been arrested and charged with violations of wildlife laws following an undercover investigation. 

Most of the charges include the illegal killing and transportation of deer and deer parts.

Wildlife law enforcement officials issued search warrants at two residences in Hedgesville, West Virginia on Friday.

Officers had long suspected that the individuals named in the warrants had been operating an illegal deer processing enterprise which was believed to have been illegally selling deer in West Virginia as well as transporting deer and processed deer meat to surrounding states. 

On Wednesday, one of those West Virginia men is now facing felony drug and firearm charges after the deer poaching investigation. Max Tyson, Jr., was arrested after a lengthy investigation by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. 

After officials received a tip about two brothers illegally selling deer meat and deer parts, undercover investigators allegedly bought deer meat and marijuana from Tyson. Officers say they discovered 341 marijuana plants growing in three separate locations on Tyson's property. Tyson appeared in Magistrate Court Wednesday and his case has been turned over to the West Virginian Civil Courts. 

This remains an ongoing investigation. 


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