Unofficial Results Reported in Virginia Primaries

FREDERICK COUNTY, VA -  Despite a light voter turnout, unofficial primary election results were in by Tuesday evening.

In the 29th District, on the Republican ballot, Mark Berg lead Beverly Sherwood.  Berg had 51.27% of votes.

In the 33rd District, on the Republican ballot, Dave LaRock lead Joe May.  LaRock had 57.35% of votes, and May had 42.65%.

In the Democratic races, Ralph Northam lead Aheesh Chopra, with 54.34% of votes for Lieutenant Governor.

In the Democratic race for Attorney General, Mark Herring lead Justin Fairfax with 48.30% of votes.

Locally, officials at polling places said turnout was not very good.

"I would say this is maybe even lighter than typical," says Kimberly Ball, the chief precinct officer at the Merrimans precinct in Winchester.

In the dual primary, both the Republican and Democratic parties are holding an election, but voters can only vote in one. They declare at the sign-in table which ballot to use. 

On the Democratic ballot are candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general. On the Republican ballot are candidates for the House of delegates. 

"I had a particular candidate in mind for a particular issue in mind," says FrederickCounty voter Stephen Spry.

"We've been voting ever since we were able to and it's just a habit that we always follow," says Winchester curbside voter Rose Trochlil. 

In Winchester's Merrimans precinct, Trochilil took advantage of Virginia's curbside voting process.

"I worked the polls here in November and I found they were doing that thought it was excellent," Trochlil says. "I just had knee surgery so I knew I could take advantage of it."

"Two officers of election take the machines out, one democrat and one republican," Ball says of the curbside voting. "They explain how the machine works and then they step away so that the person can vote in private."

While it's been fairly quiet in the majority of the precincts in our area, some voting registrars say they didn't expect a large turnout. They say absentee voting didn't get much participation either.

"I suppose people don't take it as serious, the primary, as they do the November election," says Edith Culp, the election chief of the RedBudRunElementary School precinct. 

Whatever the reason, voting officials remind people it's an important opportunity not to be taken for granted.

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