UPDATE: Gun Control Bill Passes House Committee

ANNAPOLIS, MD- Governor Martin O'Malley's gun control package is one step closer to becoming law. Two house committees voted in favor of the bill Friday evening.

Tensions were high at the state capitol, as Governor O'Malley's controversial gun control package took center stage.

"Well, right now we are in the Judiciary Committee combined with the Health and Government Operations Committee and we're both in the House of Delegates and we're talking about the gun bill in Maryland," says Delegate Neil Parrott.

Both supporters and opponents packed the meeting expressing their feelings on the issues with cheers and jeers.

Others took a stance with protest signs, costumes and even t-shirts referencing the recent tragedies.

While delegates continued to discuss the details of the gun control bill, many are still divided about the best solution for keeping our community safe.

"I'm for the bill. I think it's a major step forward. I think it makes Maryland be one of the best states in the country, which it already is, but it could be even more so...that's taking a lead on this issue," says Tom Harvey, a gun control bill supporter.

Citizens who came to watch the vote were focused on whether or not the bill would pass, but the delegates were far more concerned about each element in the bill.

The bill now moves to the Maryland House of Delegates for a vote. It will have to go to a conference committee since the lawmakers amended the bill and it's now different than the bill the Maryland Senate passed.

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