Update: Man Struck by Train in Hagerstown Dies in Hospital

- WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - A man who was struck by a Norfolk Southern train in Hagerstown earlier this month passed away in the hospital on Sunday, according to Capt. Paul Kifer with the Hagerstown Police Department. 

Michael Baker Sr. was hit by the train on Friday, August 15, 2014 at 4:15 p.m. at 410 N. Burhans Blvd., near the rear of Thomas Bennett & Hunter Inc. 

"I saw the man and woman walking down the tracks and probably about 10, 15 seconds later we heard the train laying on the whistle and next thing you know the train was stopped," said Dennis Sparks, Plant Manger at Thomas Bennett & Hunter Inc. 

Fire officials on the scene said Baker was discovered underneath the train, and he wasn't entrapped. Crews worked to remove him, and he was flown to Baltimore Shock Trauma. 

Hagerstown police said Paula Faye Trimmer was with Baker when the accident happened. Police interviewed her as an eyewitness to the incident and said her story matched the description given by the train's engineer and other eyewitnesses on scene. 

"It appears it was just an unfortunate accident that he just didn't make it in time before the train actually stuck him. There's no indication of any foul play what so ever at this stage of the investigation," said Captain Paul Kifer with the Hagerstown Police Department. 

They said Trimmer was arrested on Monday, August 25 for an outstanding warrant for unrelated charges, including failure to appear on theft charges. She is not being charged with anything related to this case, she was just interviewed as an eyewitness, police say. 

Police said train accidents don't happened often but when they do it's because people don't realize how close the train is and how fast its actually moving.

It's a tragic accident residents hope will make others think twice before crossing a train's path.

"I hope it would make people realize that it's not safe. I don't know if its going to stop people but hopefully it'll make some people stop walking on the tracks," said Sparks. 

The investigation into this accident is ongoing. Police said they're waiting for video footage from the train, which they should have by the end of this week. 

"The footage apparently shows you know a projection in front of the train about 30 feet. So we're anticipating seeing ms trimmer and Mr. baker walking along the tracks and somebody at some point in time crossing the tracks," said Captain Kifer. 

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