Update: Multi-Structure Fire in Jefferson County

- CHARLESTOWN, Wv.-- Members of the Huntfield community woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning to the sound of sirens and explosive flames.

"It was just horrifying," said Jennifer Szemborski, a resident at Huntfield.

Six of the seven Jefferson County fire companies were on the scene attempting to stop the heavy flames. Volunteers from neighboring counties were also there to help.

Neighbors who witnessed the fire say that they saw the flames first in the garage and say then it spread two houses down.

"I heard sirens, the flames were just everywhere. The house was comletely engulfed, flames were really high, smoke blowing everywhere," said Szemborski.

Officials deemed two of the three impacted houses unsafe. Nat Downing, a relative of one of the home owners, says the family is shocked by the incident.

"It hurts because you know they haven't been here but a couple of years. A young couple. They got to build over again," said Downing.

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