VA Attorney General Rallies For Seniors


WINCHESTER, Va. - Attorney General Mark Herring (VA-D) was in Winchester Monday, marking his second Monday in a row that he has visited the area.

Herring attended the Seniors Armed With Knowledge event, hosted by the Winchester Police Department, Winchester City Sheriff's Office and Frederick County Sheriff's Office.

"Cooperation among different jurisdictions and different law enforcement agencies serves as kind of a force multiplier,” Herring said. “So where regions are working together, they're able to better address problems.”

Herring along with the Triad of law-enforcement, signed an agreement to work together in reducing crime against the elderly.

Herring recently finished a two-week statewide tour, dedicated to listening to law-enforcement agencies about the challenges in their area.

"Over 60 jurisdictions participated. And this Triad is one of the success stories. It's both popular and successful,” said Herring.

At the Northwestern Virginia meeting last Monday, law enforcement groups across the area stated that heroin use, heroin related crime and heroin related deaths rates were beginning to surpass their resources.

When asked what he planned to do about each community’s problems, Herring said he was going to “Take the information from these public safety round-tables and look at ways that I might be able to redirect some resources to help local law enforcement meet the challenges they face each and every day as they work to keep our neighborhoods safe."

The Triad, Seniors And Law Enforcement Together (SALT) and Valley Health were in support of the event, which sold out in weeks. The agencies have seen a rise in elderly residence, which might be one reason why AARP recently named Winchester one of America’s Top 10 Most Desirable Cities for Retirement.

The Attorney General said issues like frauds, scams and healthcare are challenges that the elderly face on a daily basis.

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