Veterans Get Free Car Washes in Frederick

FREDERICK, MD - Hundreds of veterans got their cars squeaky clean for free on Monday.

The Fredericktowne Auto Spa gave away free car washes, normally worth $21, to veterans and service members.

The wash included an outside cleaning, tire wash, vacuuming, and armor all finish.

It's part of the national Grace For Vets program. About 75 percent of the people who came for a wash were veterans.

They say they appreciate having Auto Spa recognize their service.

"A lot of places are doing things for veterans now, and that's really nice. When I came home, it wasn't quite like that. We really weren't welcomed back too much. What they're going now is really great." said Sgt. Rich Massengill, (Ret.) U.S. Marine Corps.

This is the third year Auto Spa gave out free car washes to veterans.

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