Virginia Brings Large Crowds to the Polls

WINCHESTER, VA- The voting precinct at Apple Pie Ridge Elementary was packed with voters, before it opened. Inside, they lined the halls waiting to get to the polls.

"Longest line I've ever seen," says Lori Phillips, a Frederick County voter. "It was around the corner," she adds.

"It was around the corner and down the hallway," Briana Blye, a Frederick County voter says.

Although the lines were long, the wait was not. Many voters got through in less than 10 minutes. They say they appreciated the large turnout.

"It's awesome," Phillips says. "People fought for the right for women to vote, and I've been voting since I could. I vote every year."

Many voters say, despite some of the long lines, this election is too important in Virginia to pass up.

The ballot not only had the presidential candidate choices, but Senate, House of Representatives, mayoral and city council seats in Winchester, and Frederick County. It also presented two constitutional amendments. In the City of Winchester, the mayoral race is the big local contest.

"I've been out a lot knocking on doors, talking to a lot of wonderful people," says Mayor Elizabeth Minor, (R), the incumbent. "I'm very pleased that the Election Day has finally come."

"This is a great election day," says Patrick Farris, (D), candidate for Winchester Mayor. "The weather has really cooperated and that means a lot. Every one of the six voting precincts that I've been to has been busy. Not a single one has been slow. And that's great."

Children had a chance to cast their ballots, as well, in the annual kid's vote.

"It felt really good," says Bridget Blye, a child voter. "I got to vote for who I really wanted to be president."

It's a time to exercise the most coveted rights in the country, and people are proudly getting out to vote.

The polls close at 7 p.m. in Virginia.

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