Virginia Hospital Ranked 3rd in State for Care

WINCHESTER, VA- From cell phones to cars, Consumer Reports rates many of our needs. Now, the first review is out on state hospitals, and it turns out one of the best is in Virginia.

Hospitals are recognized as a safe haven, and, according to consumer reports, one of the safest places for patients in Virginia is at Winchester Medical Center.

"This validates that we're spending our money and doing the right thing and developing the right relationships with physicians and working on the right quality indicators to secure our place as one of the top hospitals in Virginia," says Cynthia Rawlinson, corporate director of quality at Winchester Medical Center.

The medical center was ranked third in the Commonwealth for patient safety. The rating is a holistic one, based on many areas of patient care.

"Areas that we have done well in are those areas where we have engaged physician leadership and where we work in a collaboration with our medical staff, nursing staff, pharmacy and all the different components of taking care of a patient," says Dr. Nicolas Restrepo, vice president of medical affairs at Winchester Medical Center.

Administrators hope the ranking reassures patients that they're receiving some of the best medical care in the state.

"There's a lot in literature and media today that healthcare is dangerous and it's scary," says Rawlinson. "So, I think it reassures the patient that we have a very active, committed program to provide the best possible safety."

Hospital officials say they weren't aware that the review was even going on. They say even with this gold star, they will push more and not become complacent.

"We've learned from that, and we are trying to address other areas in a similar manner and taking that model and replicating it moving forward," explains Dr. Restrepo.

Winchester Medical Center was one of 39 Virginia hospitals ranked.

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