Virginia Man Rescued from 20 Ft. Ditch

FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. - Fire and rescue personnel pulled a Bluemont resident out of a 20 ft. ditch, on the corner of Dodge Avenue and Eastside Lane, around 9 a.m. Wednesday, after a friend found him and called 911.

Officials said the man had been missing since Tuesday, although a missing persons report was never filed.

The man's friend decided to search the area, after discovering the his car in a nearby parking lot, with the door wide open.

Officials said the subject was walking down Dodge Avenue when he fell into the ditch.

Using a 3:1 hauling system, in 20 minutes, crews were able to lift the man out and transport him to Winchester Medical Center.

Officials are not sure how long he spent in the ditch, but they believe he did spend at least one night there.

The case is still under investigation.

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