Virginia Voters Make Final Preparations for Election Day

WINCHESTER, VA- The phones have been ringing off the hooks at registrar's offices across Virginia, as people ask final questions about the election.

"People are calling to make sure they're registered and where they do go to vote," says Barbara Bosserman, the Clarke County Voter Registrar.

Registrars are reminding voters of the must haves to cast a ballot. Unlike some states, photos ID's are not required in Virginia. Acceptable forms of ID can range from a utility bill to a concealed handgun permit.

"It's a list of valid forms of ID," Bosserman says. "It can be your driver's license, your voter registration card, a social security card. It's just a number of things that you can bring that is a valid ID."

Although many will be rallying through the final hours for their candidates, campaigning will not be allowed inside the precincts.

"Campaigning is prohibited within 40 feet of the entrance to the polling place," says Bosserman. "And, that is for handing out literature, approaching a voter. You cannot hinder or delay a voter within that 40 foot perimeter outside of the polling place entrance."

Different from other states, Virginia law says you can not be turned away for wearing your candidates paraphernalia in the polling place. No matter what voters wear, registrars say they should expect long lines in the morning and evening as most people will vote before and after work.

"Expect to be ready to vote when you get there," Bosserman says. "Know who's on the ballot. Know that there are two proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot. Have your identification ready and you'll have a smooth voting day."

The polls will be open from 6am to 7pm in Virginia. If you have questions about your registration status or precinct location, you can contact your local registrar:

Winchester Registrar: (540) 545-7910

Frederick County Registrar: (540) 665- 5660

Clarke County Registrar: (540) 955-5168

Warren County Registrar:(540) 635-4327

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