Virginia's June Dual Primary Approaching

BERRYVILLE, VA - On June 11th, voters across the valley will select candidates for lieutenant governor, attorney general and the House of Delegates in a dual primary.

"We're having a statewide Democratic primary and we're having republican primary in nine localities," says Joyce Braithwaite, the Winchester Voter Registrar. "That is to choose their candidates for on the ballot in November." 

The Democratic primary will select candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general. The Republican primary will select the House of Delegates. The Republican Party already selected candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general through a convention. 

Although Virginia doesn't register voters by party, voters will have to declare which primary want to vote in by choosing either the Democratic ballot or the Republican ballot. The dual primary is essentially two elections held in one day.

"You can vote in either primary, Republican or Democrat," says Barbara Bosserman, the Clarke County Voter Registrar. "Just keep in mind, when you go to the polls on Election Day, the officers of election will ask you which election you would like to vote in and you would state Republican or Democrat." 

Although Virginia's voter ID laws have changed, they will not be in effect in the upcoming primary. 

"Everything is still the same as it was November 2012," Bosserman says. "Any changes that are coming will not be until November or the following year."
Voters will be able to vote absentee by mail until June 4 and in-person absentee until Saturday, June 8. 

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