Volunteers Make Comforters to Send Overseas


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Organizers say they've been busy all day starting at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning making comforters to be sent to those in need overseas. 

Love is the thread that binds us, according to those who came to tie a knot at Comforter Blitz.

"It is to knot comforters to the Mennonite Central Committee where all the work from here that's done goes to the committee and then they get the shipping containers to ship them out overseas," said Director Diane Brockman of Comforter Blitz.

Made by volunteers, the beautiful comforters are sent to refuge camps, orphanages and developing hospitals throughout the world. 

"They're always looking for warmth, so they use them in many different ways," said Mary Ann Ogburn, a volunteer of Comforter Blitz.

During a 12 hour period volunteers say their goal is to complete 100 comforters in an effort to bring world relief, especially to places like North Korea, and parts of the Middle East.

"There is an increase in need this year due to natural disasters, and a lot going on in the world of unrest," said Brockman.

Brockman believes the message they are sending along with the hand-made blankets is to show kindness to those suffering.

"There are people outside that are concerned about their needs, trying to help them with their needs, just give them a bit of hope so they can keep going," Brockman explained.

Those with Comforter Blitz are knotting the blankets non-stop from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Tuesday night. 

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