Voter IDs Required in Frederick County?

FREDERICK COUNTY, MD - As this year's election nears, county commissioners in Frederick County are thinking ahead with voter identification requirements.

Commissioner Blaine Young says, "It would be a pilot program to show it can be done in our county for one year. We'll lead the way."

If this proposal passes, county voters will need to show a form of identification in 2014. Voters can prove they are who they say they are with a driver's license, social security card, utility bill and other valid forms of identification.

"I always carry my ID with me so it's not a big deal to me," says county voter Juliane Nichols. "I guess other people maybe wouldn't necessarily carry it with them. I always have a purse so I always have it with me."

Others worry it will become another obstacle for voters at the polls. The League of Women Voters in Frederick County is opposed to the I.D. requirements.

Claire Kondig with the League says, "To people who don't understand: 'what is it that I have to have when I go to the polls? I don't understand.' It would require a great deal of education and there would be people who are intimidated and just not go."

Another voter, Matt Kline says, "I don't think people should be able to vote twice, I imagine it'd be pretty hard to do. Anything that can stop voter fraud is a good thing."

Commissioner Blaine Young says voter fraud isn't an issue in the county but says it doesn't hurt to be proactive.

He says Maryland Lawmakers are also interested in this requirement.

He says, "They can find a way to find photo I.D. to buy cigarettes and alcohol, and heck you can't even go to the State House and lobby for or against this unless you show photo I.D."

County Commissioner David Gray is not in favor of the proposal, which will be further discussed and voted on October 25th and November 6th.

Frederick County voters don't need to bring a voter ID for the upcoming elections on November 6th.

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