Voters Hit the Polls Early Tuesday Morning

WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD- Voting is underway! Voting sites in our area had a high voter turnout this morning including Washington County. 

Local residents flocked to polls including Bester Elementary School in Hagerstown.  According to election officials 50 people cast their votes within 30 minutes after the poll opened at Bester. Residents had the opportunity to vote for candidates running for congress, senate and the United States presidency.  Residents say they feel it is a privilege to vote in our country. 

"The way I feel about it is that as bad as this country gets sometimes, we still have the best freedom and the best political system.  We have to protect it," says Terry Reiber, a Washington County Voter.

Maryland election officials say the best time to vote is before 4 p.m. this afternoon to beat the lines.  You do not need an ID, unless your voting status is pending.  You will then be permitted to vote on a provisional ballot and will need to provide a driver license.  The deadline for that is November 14th. 

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