Warren County Man Loses Thousands in Massive Fire

- WARREN COUNTY, Va. - Thursday evening was like any other for Ray Rowe until he heard a loud explosion followed by bursting flames coming out of a large shed on his property.

"I had no idea something like this would happen...So all that's gone now...I mean that's just the way life is," said Rowe.

Rowe, who farms in his retirement, lost an estimated $200 thousand in property damages including welding machines, generators, and a tractor worth $50 thousand.

"I had everything here to do anything and everything I wanted to do to an automobile or a truck or a tractor," added Rowe.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation but officials believe discarded fire stove ashes rekindled in the wind. A scenario that fire officials say is common this time of year.

"It happens to be our state's wild fire season. [It] started February 15," said Richard Mabie, Fire Chief at Warren County Department of Fire and Rescue.

High winds, low humidity and a lack of rain are all factors that contribute to the massive fires seen across the 4-state region recently.

"Normally this time of year it become hard to suppress wild fires because of those factors," said Mabie.

The winds were blowing 20 mph Thursday when the fire destroyed four structures in Rowe's back yard. But Rowe is staying positive.

"I'm just so glad that the Lord was here and dealt for us, and kept us safe and kept the house safe," said Rowe.

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