Washington County Honors Hometown Champions


WILLIAMSPORT, Md. - A Washington County commissioner got a chance to go back in time and visit his Alma mater to honor the Special Olympics State Champions.

"It's nice to have the county recognize what we do as a unified sport and a lot of times it gets overlooked, so it was just nice to have somebody so official to come out and recognize what we do," said Rachel Rowe, student.

County Commissioner Jeff Kline visited his Alma mater at Williamsport High School to honor the 2014 Division Four Unified Bocce Ball state champions. While there, the students showed off their skills with bocce in the cafeteria. Unified Sports give players with disabilities the chance to play with players that do not have disabilities. The team has been active at the high school for four years, and it’s their first championship.

"Very proud to be back at my old school to see the success that has again continued since 1970. When I first attended here to see the players, coaches and interacting and bringing everything to a state championship at the bocce ball tournament," said Kline.

The Special Olympics Division 4 state championships were played right here in the four-state region at Hagerstown Community College.

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