Washington County Primary Election Voter Turnout

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - It's that time where people from all over Maryland head to the polls and vote for the candidates they think will best serve the community. Voters will pick nominees for Governor, Lt. Governor, as well as several important local races.

"County commissioner race, orphans court, board of education are some of the more contested races," said Kaye Robucci, Washington County Elections Director. "We have plenty of equipment out so I would just encourage everyone to go cast their vote. Primaries are very important."

Polls opened at 7 a.m. and early voting turnout in Washington County was the highest it has been in four years. Over 1,300 early ballots were cast.

"What we've seen as far as turnouts so far today, republicans are turning out a little higher like they did during early voting," Robucci said. "Not by much but that's what we are seeing so far."

There's 53 precincts where residents in Washington County can go out and cast their vote. Washington County officials say the primaries start off slow, but tend to speed up as the day goes on.

"We normally do see it pick up more towards the evening as people are getting off of work," Robucci said. "And then again right before the polls close."

Robucci says it would be nicer to have a higher turnout for the primaries.

"Historically it's usually around 25 percent of the registered voters will vote in a primary election," Robucci added.

Officials say voter turnout may be lower this year because it's a June primary, and a lot of people are on vacation.

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