Frederick County Hosts Hazardous Waste Drop-off Event

- FREDERICK, Md. - Fluorescent bulbs, house cleaners and herbicides are just a few of the many products disposed of Saturday at the Department of Solid Waste Management's household hazardous waste drop-off day.

"We get maybe up to 10 tons of waste per event and generally that's about participation of 400 vehicles," said Rick Pack, utility support technician with DSWM.

The semiannual drop-off day is an effort to promote environmentally safe alternatives for disposing hazardous materials that are common in many households. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, household hazardous wastes are left over products that contain corrosive, toxic, flammable or reactive ingredients.

The Department of Waste also offered locals everyday tips for proper disposal of hazardous waste like considering the amount of chemicals purchased and calling your local solid waste agency if you are not sure about a product.

"This is nice that they have this. I'm getting ready to move to Venice, Florida....I'm selling the house so I'm getting rid of the collection of 14 years of chemicals," said Larry Fitzpatrick,a homeowner in Frederick.

If disposed of improperly, hazardous items pose a threat to landfill operators, sanitation workers and the environment. According to the EPA, toxic waste in landfills can reach surface and ground water, the sources of many communities' drinking water.

Frederick County's next hazardous drop-off day is in the fall. For updates on where to recycle and how you can safely dispose of hazardous materials visit Frederick County's Utilities and Waste Management web page.

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