Ways to Protect Yourself When Temperatures Drop

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Residents are looking at yet another round of sub-zero wind chills overnight on Monday. These temperatures aren't just uncomfortable, they're dangerous. 

Monday night is round two of extreme cold in the past few weeks, and as temperatures head into the single digits overnight with wind chill values heading much lower, people need to think about how they can protect themselves from these extreme temperatures. 

When the thermometer drops sending the actual air temperatures and wind chills below zero, the more our skin is exposed to the elements of the cold temperatures, and the quicker we can develop frost bite and hypothermia. 

According to doctors at Meritus Medical Center, they have already seen some cases of hypothermia this year. And it does not take long for it to set in during these extreme winter conditions. 

"When it's raining or freezing or snow, when you're wt at all, that makes it even quicker. People that fall in the arctic go into hypothermia within minutes and die quickly. It depends on how much you're bundled up. It could be within 20 to 30 minutes, maybe even longer," said Alton Temple, M.D., Meritus Emergency Department Physician. 

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