Weekend Getaway: Sodus Point



SODUS POINT, New York – This week’s Weekend Getaway takes us to Sodus Point, New York.

Sodus Point is about 35 miles outside of Rochester. It’s a summer tourist resort full of boats, fishing, summer cottages and restaurants.

“What’s wonderful about Sodus Point is everything is right here. All walking distance,” said Christopher Kenyon, Outdoor recreation promotion coordinator for Wayne County Tourism.

Sodus Point is perhaps best known for its fishing community. There’s even a Sodus Pro-Am tournament every summer.

“Trout and salmon were introduced in Lake Ontario in the 70’s and we have tournaments all the time here. You are talking 30-plus pound salmon,” Kenyon said.

Sodus Point even has something for history buffs: a historic lighthouse located on the south shore.

“It has the history of the whole point,” Kenyon said. “The fishing history, the way of 1812 history; it’s a very attractive destination if you want to lean, plus the views.”

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