West Virginia House of Delegates 59th District Candidates


HEDGESVILLE, W.Va. - Saira Blair and Larry Kump are both running in the primary elections in West Virginia's 59th House District.

Blair is a 17-year-old senior at Hedgesville High School and says her age shouldn't be a factor.

"The one thing that comes with a younger age is, I don't come in with many biases," Blair said. "I'm more willing to listen to the people and take exactly the views of my district down to Charleston."

Blair is the daughter of State Senator Craig Blair. She will be 18 in time to meet state requirements to run.

Kump was first elected in 2010, and is very clear on what he stands for.

"What's important to me is stick to the principles," Kump said. "The principles for me are individual liberty, personal accountability and personal empowerment."

One of the main issues in West Virginia is job creation, something that both candidates plan to bring to the table.

"You can get a good education but what you can't get is a good paying job," Blair said. "A lot of my friends have been forced to leave the state because they just can't find work here. I think we need to work on promoting more jobs in the state."

"We need to have a tax that's fair and equal for everybody and that way we'll all prosper," Kump adds. "West Virginia is near the bottom is almost every economic ranking."

Blair plans to eliminate the prevailing wage system in the state to bring in more revenue and jobs.

"Reducing this to what it should be and recalculating it would save the state 200 to 300 million dollars a year," Blair said.

Kump says a big issue is the district's budget. He says this year was the first time he can remember where the district had to use emergency money to help balance the budget.

"I voted against the budget because I think we have plenty of money to do what we need to do," Kump said.

Primary elections in West Virginia are set for Tuesday, May 13.

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