West Virginia Senator Against Raising Minimum Wage

- MARTINSBURG, W.Va.--One of major pieces of legislation which legislators might propose is to increase minimum wage in West Virginia. However, a local senator says he's against the increase and he'll try to rally other members to vote against it.

Minimum wage increase may sound great, but West Virginia Senator Craig Blair says higher wages might not translate to extra money in your pocket. He says an increased wage would lead to inflation, and employees making the new possible minimum wage of $9.00 an hour from $7.25 will be placed in a higher tax bracket.

"It will make it so that they will be paying more taxes," said Senator Craig Blair, (R-Berkeley) District 15. "The only way out of this $18 trillion dollar deficit that we have in this country, is to actually make it so that everybody could pay more taxes and in other words inflate the dollar."

Blair said a wage increase would affect small businesses. He says they will have to lay off workers due to inability to pay them at a higher minimum wage. The senator also claims many small businesses barely makes end meet and some may go out of business, if they have to pay their employees more. 

"They will be on welfare, or if they are lucky they will find another job but they will be a lot of people who will on the welfare roll, and the sad part of it is, when it is over and done with they will be less competition," said Blair.

Blair said the democrats' overall objective for the bill is sway voters in their direction.
"This is election year legislation, where they try to pull the people to vote for them by giving them something," said Blair. "That's what this is exactly about, it's not good politics. It's not good economic policy, it is about trying to attempting to get a vote."

We contacted multiple democratic Delegates and Senators from the Eastern Panhandle for a response and none were available for comment.

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