Western Maryland Health Opens New Medical Arts Center with a Focus on Diabetes


CUMBERLAND, Md. - It is new to the area but it has already gotten the attention of many patients and they’re all there for the same reasons, which is to keep their diabetes under control with the help from a team of experts.


"We're now able to provide the most appropriate care in the most appropriate setting and by far, this combined center will do that," said Barry Ronan, CEO and president of Western Maryland Health.


Western Maryland Health just opened their new medical arts center with diabetes as the focus of one of their departments.


It took the health system just five months to prep for the grand opening.


"This was a physician's office and what we did was when we moved those physicians out, we, in fact, converted this with the extra components of the different centers," said Ronan.


Allegany County is just one of the many counties in Maryland fighting against diabetes.


"About 14 percent of the population in Cumberland that has diabetes knows they have diabetes. There's another percentage that they don't know they have diabetes," said Tammy Keating, nurse practitioner.


Several factors contribute to the severity of diabetes and Keating says diet and lifestyle are two of the biggest ones.


"It's a typically sedentary diet. Cheap, easy foods are readily available across the country so diabetes has been more prevalent," said Keating.


With Thanksgiving just two weeks away doctors say patients should not shy away from their favorite meals.


"We tell all of our diabetics that moderation is the key and we never tell you, you can't have something. It's just how you eat it," said Keating.


Doctors say the best way to keep your diabetes under control is to pay attention to how you eat, what you eat and going to your regular check ups.





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