Williamsport Retirement Village Holds Unique Picnic

WHAG NEWS - On Wednesday, residents of the Williamsport Retirement Village came out for their annual celebration. The 19th annual jet ski picnic was held on the Potomac River. 

Seniors had the chance to socialize during the picnic, as well as take part in several activities, including the most popular - jet skiing on the Potomac. 

For some, this was their first time on a jet ski and an experience they said they'll never forget. 

"It was wonderful. It had been so long since I had taken a boat ride down here in this location. I think I was about ten years old, you see, I needed to do that again," said Louise Shank, Williamsport Retirement Village. 

Organizers said the seniors are excited every year to attend the event, and cannot wait for the 20th anniversary.

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