Winchester Methadone Clinic Gets Ready To Open Its Doors


WINCHESTER, Va. -  Pending licensing approval from the state, the Addiction Recovery Systems Winchester Clinic will be open by June.

"In the Winchester area, we are the only clinic that will be licensed to administer liquid doses of methadone, which is unique in this community,” said the clinic’s executive director, Steven Singer. “We are a company the focuses on opiate addiction exclusively."

The clinic will offer everything from counseling and job placement opportunities, to methadone treatment and doctor services.

"It runs the gambit. Truly, I mean anything that would make that patient successful and help them lead a better life and increase the quality of their life is what we're going to help them with,” said Beth Davis, an addiction counselor for the clinic, and who worked previously at the Martinsburg Institute, another methadone clinic in West Virginia.

Although many clinical physicians are prescribing methadone as a top choice for heroin addiction treatment, communities are hesitant to host the clinic in their area. Many thing that a methadone clinic will attract mentally and financially unstable individuals, as well as bring more drugs into the area.

But the Addiction Recover Systems Winchester Clinic says they are not a half-way house.

"We’re not here to attract heroin addicts. We're here to treat people who are addicted to opiates," said Singer firmly.

'The problem's already here, and we definitely need the resource,” said Davis. “A clinic such as this [will] help address [problems] and get people the help they need."

Most importantly, Addiction Recovery Centers is here to focus on those who desperately want to kick their opiate addiction. For $14 a day or $91 a week, at capacity, they will be able to accommodate 400 patients at a time.

"Every person that's dependant upon opiates, has a little voice in the back of their head that's telling them that this is wrong. Perhaps they had no hope, no belief that there was any treatment available. There is treatment available now in Winchester, and we're here to provide that service."

For those who need help now, there are local clinics in Martinsburg and Williamsport. Links and basic information is below.



223 Eagle School Rd.

Martinsburg, WV 25401

(304) 263-1101



2062 Lycoming Creek Rd., Suite 8

Williamsport, PA 17701

(570) 505-1123


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