Winchester Police: Leave "Woman in Black" Alone


WINCHESTER, Va. - The Winchester Police Department has one message to the public about the mysterious "Woman in Black", please leave her alone.

"Her exact words to me, when I asked her about the attention, were, 'I just wish people would mind their own business,'" said Captain Doug Watson, who spoke with the woman late Tuesday evening.

Her story went viral after she decided to walk from Georgia to Winchester, wearing nothing but long black robes, and little explanation as to why. The lack of information about her mission sparked wide-spread curiosity.

"She lived in Winchester in a previous time in her life, so in a sense she was coming home,” said Lauren Cummings, a spokesperson for the department. “This was her final destination."

So many people are interested in her story that the Winchester Police Department’s website crashed after they posted a message asking the public to back off.

During her journey, the woman attracted attention in Tennessee and other parts of West Virginia as well. On Tuesday, local crowds gathered along Route 50 near the West Virginia state line, and a Frederick County Sheriff’s Deputy offered to give her a ride, because of safety concerns.

That's when she was brought to the Wells Fargo bank off Valley Avenue in Winchester. Within minutes of her arrival, more crowds began to form, trying to catch a glimpse of the "Woman in Black."

"We were having a bit of an issue on Valley Avenue, due to the amount of people that were literally stopping their cars in the middle of the roadway," said Watson.

Police stepped in, and took the "Woman in Black" to an undisclosed, safe location.

"Obviously she doesn't have access to social media or anything, nor does she have any desire to,” said Watson. “So she doesn't understand why she's getting the attention she's getting."

The Frederick County Sheriff's Office said, while she was being escorted, the "Woman in Black" was very polite. She mentioned that she likes Winchester because it's quiet and nobody knows her here.

Police said she was also very polite to their officers.

"There’s no reason for anybody to have any fear of her, or of the situation,” said Watson. “She may not see things the same way that you and I do, but other than that, she's just a very nice lady who wants to be left alone."

Police want to remind the public that the woman is not looking for charity and to please respect her privacy.

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