Winter Weather Hits Four-State Region

- WHAG NEWS - Even though the calendar says it's March, winter still has a firm grip on the four-state region.

In Hagerstown, Md., the main roads are clear but the side streets are still covered in snow. Officials are asking folks if they're out on the roadways to be careful. 

And Frederick County, Md., is getting hit hard once again by the snow. New Market has seen the highest snow totals in the entire four-state region, with seven inches of snow falling overnight into the morning. 

Officials with the City of Frederick want to remind residents crews clear snow emergency routes before heading into the suburban areas. 

Some local businesses say the snow has had a mixed impact on their business, helping boost certain areas, while hurting others. 

People in Frederick County say while the snow is pretty, it's just too much already. 

"Our business has been somewhat slow because of the snow. But other than that we do plow, we do you know clean up some residents in Frederick City, so other than that it's been well, but it's been bad for our concrete," said Crystal Thompson, manager at Olde Towne Historic Landscape, Inc. 

The Snow Emergency Plan for the City of Frederick was lifted at 1 p.m. Monday. 

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