Woman Charged in Second Overdose Death, New Heroin Called "Theraflu"


WINCHESTER, Va. - Danielle Orndorff of Shawneeland, Virginia is being accused of her second heroin distribution charge that resulted in a fatality in less than a year.

Police say Orndorff sold Jerry Sides the heroin that killed him on January 25, 2014. 

"Through our investigation we found substances that appeared to be and tested positive for heroin, and we were able to make an arrest of Ms. Orndorff," said Special Agent Jay Perry of the Virginia Drug Task Force.

Prior to this, Orndorff had already been charged with distribution of heroin and second degree murder, after selling Brian Bayliss a lethal dose in June 2013.

Bayliss was later found unconscious in a Winchester apartment and was pronounced dead at Winchester Medical Center.

"The way the federal statute is, if you supply the heroin that causes a fatal heroin overdose, you can be charged under federal statute," Perry said.

In Virginia, the mandatory minimum sentence for selling a lethal dose of heroin is 20 years in jail.

Meanwhile authorities are combating a new type of heroin, known on the market as Theraflu. Officials say it's one of the deadliest types of heroin they've seen yet.

"Our drug task force brought it to our attention a couple weeks ago,” said Chief of the Winchester Police Department, Kevin Sanzenbacher. “There seemed to be more of an influx coming in from New York and Philadelphia down, where previously it had been coming for the Baltimore region. Apparently this is a more volatile, more dangerous type of heroin that's coming into the region now.”

Officials believe the drug has already killed 17 people in the Pittsburgh area just this week.

"We haven't seen it in our area yet. Apparently it originated from the New Jersey area. It may be cut with fentanyl. That hasn't been confirmed through laboratory analysis as of yet though,” Perry said.

"We realize it's not necessarily a law enforcement issue,” said Sanzenbacher. “We get the end results. But it's also really a treatment issue and a prevention issue."

The Virginia Drug Task Force is hoping to prevent Theraflu from hitting the heroin market while they still have time.

Danielle Orndorff's trial for the first heroin death is set for February 24, 2014. 

She is scheduled to be in Frederick County General District Court on May 20 for charges related to the second overdose death.

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