Woman Sentenced on Meth Lab Charges


WAYNESBORO, Pa. – A woman was sentenced to prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to a felony charge of operating a meth lab.

Josie Lee McCormick, 33, was facing several other charges after being arrested in July when police say a meth lab she was operating caused a house fire.

"Officers responded to 153 West Main Street for a reported residential fire," said Waynesboro Chief of Police James Sourbier. "That fire was determined to be the result of an explosion of a methanphetamine  lab being illegally operated."

As part of a plea agreement in December, the other charges were dropped.

McCormick was sentenced to a minimum of 24-48 months in prison. Her public defender told WHAG last year that she could have faced more than 20 years behind bars if convicted on all the initial charges.

"The simple fact that an investigation has been successfully conducted, and now the individual has been held responsible and has been imprisoned for that offense is a benefit to the community," said Sourbier, adding that producing meth is a dangerous and potentially deadly act that needs to be taken seriously. "These things are created in appalling circumstances by haphazard measures using volatile and dangerous chemicals simply because of the greed of the people who manufacture them in wanting to make money. They don't care any more about  your health or mine than anything else."

McCormick was arrested with another man, Logan Tyler Buchanan, who was also charged in connection with the same case. He has not entered a plea yet, but is scheduled to appear in court on February 27 for a pretrial conference.

In addition to prison time McCormick was ordered by a judge to pay about $20,000 in restitution for the damage she caused. The Franklin County District Attorney's Office says Buchanan will have to pay a portion of that restitution.

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