Women in Law Enforcement: Washington County Sheriff's Office


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - Within the Sheriff's Office there are six women deputies. And even though, they may be few in number, they've found another bond within this law enforcement community.

Deputy First Class Carly Hose has become a familiar face at the Sheriff's Office. 

"I think I've more than proven my abilities," said DFC. Hose, Public Information Officer at the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

And after 11 years working in law enforcement, she said she's found a way to remain true to herself in this male dominated career.

"You can absolutely maintain your femininity while doing that, I know that's hard to say when you're wearing a uniform," said DFC. Hose. "But outside, I'm still very much me. I just bring what I feel are my strengths to my job."

Behind the scenes, you'll find Detective Casey Nogle. She works with a team of criminal investigators, analyzing evidence and solving crimes, and it's a place where her gender can be an advantage.

"We work very well as a team. Sometimes it's very beneficial that I am a female. I can talk to female victims or children who kind of relate to me a little better than they would a male," said Detective Nogle. 

These women said they've also found another bond.

"Yeah, we definitely have our own sisterhood here at the Sheriff's Office," said Detective Nogle.

A sisterhood they said connects them.

"We've all been through the same thing throughout our careers and we know how it is being a woman so we can easily relate with each other when talking about certain insistences," said Detective Nogle.

Balancing career and family can be challenging for any working mom. But for Deputy Hose, she said it's an opportunity to show her daughter that anything is possible, no matter what gender you are.

"I also think it's good thing for her to see that as she gets older, she can be whatever she wants to be and sets her mind to it and it doesn't need to be dominated by gender or what not," said DFC. Hose. "As long as you're willing to put the effort into the career and work for it you can do it."

And as they continue to bring a sisterly bond to this brotherhood, they hope more women will join them in the future.

There are no women officers in the Boonsboro, Hancock or Smithsburg Police Departments. A number may hope changes in the future.

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