Wounded Warrior Speaks At Letterkenny

FRANKLIN COUNTY, PA - A soldier spoke at Letterkenny Army Depot about life after he was wounded in Afghanistan.

Retired Staff Sergeant Michael Kacer was wounded and lost his left arm while serving. He shed light on what wounded warriors go through.

Kacer says the best thing you can do for a person suffering from injuries is to be there for them. He said receiving letters from loved ones who wanted to support him meant the most during his recovery.

"We got so caught up on technology these days that an email, a text message, or whatever is easier," Kacer says. "But when you get that hand written letter it means so much more, at least to me it did.  Because it means they're actually taking the time to sit down and write, put it in an envelope and go down to the post office and drop it off."

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

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