WV Senator Weighs in on State of the Union Address

- WHAG NEWS-  President Obama delivered his fifth State of the Union Address Tuesday night in our nation’s capital.

The address was a chance for the president to reach out to congress for cooperation and to talk to the national audience, increasingly skeptical of his leadership.

“I want the president to do everything he can do to make sure the government and agencies he is responsible for runs as well as possible,” said Senator Joe Manchin, West Virginia.

Obama spoke about several items-- including economic inequalities, raising the minimum wage and job growth. Senator Manchin said there were some things in Obama’s speech that were encouraging and some things that were discouraging.

“I was very discouraged about talking or lack of talking about the total all package energy,” said Senator Manchin. “He didn’t mention coal, it does take coal. Coal is the largest producer of energy.”

Senator Manchin said he agreed with the president about giving small businesses a tax incentive. But Manchin said if you’re going to give a tax incentive to small businesses and corporations make sure they create a job with it.

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