WV State Police Honor 3-Year-Old Girl


CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Meet Olivia Alexander, a three-year-old girl who has been battling leukemia since June. 

"I do have kids of my own, which makes this even more touching,” said Captain Eric Widmeyer, Troop 2 Commander of the West Virginia State Police. "When I showed up to the house today to pick Olivia up, she was standing by herself at the glass door with the biggest smile on her face, and that just broke my heart."

Widmeyer heard about Olivia’s battle in October, and wanted to help.

"He asked my husband if there was anything that he could do, and if Olivia would like to go for a police ride,” said Olivia’s mother, Jacklyn Alexander. “[My husband’s] like of course she would! And of course she really likes to dress up, so she really enjoyed her outfit when they brought it to her."

Widmeyer asked a few off-duty troopers to join him and Olivia for lunch at one of her favorite restaurants, Chick-fil-A. The response he received was overwhelming.

"Oh my gosh, overwhelmed, overwhelmed. Initially they had reported about 20 to 25 [people], and it ended up being double that amount,” said Ranson Chick-Fil-A Owner, Bryan Ritter. “[After] talking to the troopers, a lot of those guys were from all areas of the state."

Troopers from across the state arrived at Olivia’s house to escort her to Chick-fil-A. There were 32 cars in all, blaring their sirens and flashing their lights for Olivia.

"On the drive over here, we had over 30 cars involved. She was able to activate the siren,” said Widmeyer. “She was a real Junior Trooper today."

People who witnessed the event couldn’t believe the amount of support that poured out for Olivia.

"it's just so amazing to see that many people care,” said Emma Acly.

"I love police cars and police officers,” said her brother, Ezra. “So when we saw [the caravan], we wanted to go to Chick-Fil-A and see what was going on. [Olivia] was just so cute with her state police blanket.”

"I thought that was just the most amazing, inspiring thing they could do for that little girl. That was just so cool," said Kate Acly.

Out of all the positive comments, however, Widmeyer summed up his experience the best.

"I’ve been a West Virginia Trooper for 17 years now, and today is, without a doubt, the best day of my career."

Olivia's parents say she has yet to take off her state police uniform, and keeps asking if all the troopers are coming back tomorrow.

For more updates on Olivia, you can follow her on Facebook.

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