Young, Confident Delegate Runs Against Incumbent Capito

INWOOD, WV - For more than 12 years, Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito has been representing the second district of West Virginia, but this year she faces off with one of the youngest opponents.

27-year-old Delegate Jonathan Miller will face off with incumbent Shelley Moore Capito in Tuesday's primary to represent the second congressional district.

"Leading by example is a key way you affect chance in any realm of life, person, business and certainly politics. You lead by example," says Jonathan Miller.

Miller says he supports term limits and will cut spending by half. He says he'll begin with his own paycheck.

"I will request a 50-percent cut of $87,000 upon being elected. I will not accept the tax payer-provided retirement or health insurance benefits. I won't hold stocks or mutual funds where I hold office," says Miller.

Miller knows this won't be an easy fight, but he feels confident.

"I'm very optimistic. We've been in all counties but one. We couldn't make it to one county. We met folks all over the place," says Miller.

Although Miller may bey young, he says it's a tool he's using to help bring home a victory. He says he has significant experience to offer and people like that about him.

"People want to look for new choices and new folks and me being young and having legislative experience shows that I have a record working in a legislative body," says Miller.

At 22 years old, Miller was the fourth youngest elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates.

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