Youngest Witnesses Take the Stand in Child Abuse Trial

MARTINSBURG, WV- The child abuse trial against Nathan and Christina Snyder continued with some of the most powerful testimony so far. The two face allegations that they hit, choked and burned children in their care.

Some of the youngest witnesses in the case took the stand on Thursday. And while they were sometimes unclear about when things happened, the children remembered living with violence.

The Snyders had two children together. They were caring for four of Christina's children, ranging from ages 14 to eight-years old at the time of the alleged abuse.

That eight-year old girl is now 12. She talked about several incidences of violence, saying both Christina and Nathan had punched her at different times. She also said Nathan had burned her with a cigarette and forced soap into her mouth.

She also told the court that she no longer calls Christina her mother. The children now live with their father and refer to his fiance Kim Huff as their mother.

Huff also took the stand.

The Snyders' nine-year old daughter, who was only five at the time, was also called.

She drew a picture of the spoon that she says her father hit her with. It cut her leg and she had to get stitches. The wound later got infected. She now lives with her grandparents.

The defense pointed out inconsistencies in the testimony of the 16-year old witness on Wednesday. 

The defense says his testimony conflicted with earlier statements. The defense asked about dates and specific details, which the children sometimes said they didn't know or couldn't remember.

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