County Looks for New Partner for Waste-to-Energy Facility

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Carroll County is no longer partnering up with Frederick County, Maryland for a regional waste-to-energy facility. County officials say the proposed waste-to-energy facility in Frederick County would be a long term waste disposal solution, but the county’s partner in the project has now pulled out.

“We think this is a positive step for Frederick County because since Carroll County has been reluctant to proceed, we’re now in a position to find a replacement partner for them,” said Michael Marschner, special projects manager for Frederick County.

County officials say the waste to energy facility will save the county money over time, and generate clean, renewable energy. However, many residents in the county are opposed to the facility and say the projections are off. They say it won’t create affordable energy or save taxpayers money.

“It's a bad deal financially and it's a bad deal for the environment, in particular for the youth in the surrounding area where it will be built,” said Frederick County resident Gary Thuro.

Currently, the county has spent more than $83 million on trucking trash out of state to Virginia and Pennsylvania. The county says they’ll have to continue to rely on those methods of waste disposal for at least another three or four years, until the new waste to energy facility is built.

“If we don't find a replacement, I'm not sure the facility as it's designed will be constructed or financed and constructed because it just won't be cost effective,” said Marschner.

The county has asked the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority to issue a request for proposals to obtain pricing on long and short term waste transportation services. They also say they haven’t received any serious inquires about the facility, but did say Prince George’s County and the District of Columbia have expressed interest in learning more about the project.

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