Frederick TransIT Participates in 'Dump the Pump'

- FREDERICK, Md. - Frederick County TransIT participated in the 9th annual Dump the Pump Day by offering free rides all day on Thursday. 

TransIT says it's a good way to try and promote services and all they have to offer. They say people are able to save thousands of dollars a year by choosing to use public transportation over a personal vehicle.

Local TransIT officials were at the Frederick MARC Station bus stop Thursday offering information about current services and also about new services that are coming.

"We are environmental, economical and reliable, and a great solution for people that choose to drive or need to use the public transportation system. On average you can save $10,000 a year by using public transportation instead of a vehicle," said Adrienne Moretz, a spokesperson for Frederick County TransIT. "Last year we saw a 16 percent increase over our daily ridership and we also give free rides on Earth Day, so in April we saw a 9 percent increase in daily ridership that day. It's nice to see more people using our system when we offer the free rides."

Frederick County TransIT also handed out free umbrellas for folks to have on hand for when it rains and they're waiting for a bus.

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