Improvements for Frederick Bikers, Pedestrians

FREDERICK, Md. - The City Frederick is working to make the area friendlier for bicyclists and pedestrians. As residents drive through downtown, they may notice more bike signs popping up along the streets. The signs are being placed up and down East Street to help make the area more bicycle friendly, officials say.

It's part of an ongoing project in the City, all made possible after local officials approved nearly $100,000 in funding for it.

“Putting in bike lanes, designating bike lanes and sharrows, which are the shared bike lanes,” said Marylynn Hinde with the Frederick Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Some residents say Frederick is a walkable city and now they’re happy to see the it's taking steps to embrace cycling.

“It gets the people out of the car, more environmentally friendly. It's better for people to be exercising and I be active and outdoors,” said Frederick resident Barb Nicklas.

“It will help a lot of people who can't drive and it's friendlier on the environment,” said resident Janelle Rios.

Advocates say marking the street with the “sharrows,” is a necessary reminder for motorists to share the road. It’s illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalks in areas of Historic Downtown.

The City is also working on a tunnel that will connect all shared-use paths in the city to make it easier for people to navigate their way around if you’re on two wheels, or two feet.

“A tunnel for pedestrians and bicyclists at Route-15 and Rosemont, so you can safely cross now,” said Hinde. “So, you'll be able to come from one end of the path from where the paths start all the way into downtown of the safe paths on bicycle or foot.”

The tunnel project is underway and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee says they’ll continue to work to make the area safer for those who choose to walk or ride their bike.

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